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from farm to cup:

coffee done differently

  • Bloo Flamingo – Miami Blend Specialty Dark Roast Coffee

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  • Bolivian Specialty COLD-BREW

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  • Bolivian Specialty GEISHA

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    Bolivian Specialty CATUAI

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    Bolivian Specialty TYPICA

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from farm to cup

We are one of the few companies in the world to grow, harvest, process, roast, package, and distribute all of our own coffee beans. Our coffee is 100% Traceable which allows us complete quality control over the entire process to bring you only the finest cup of specialty coffee.
Single Origin Roast
Just like drinkers of single malt whiskey, we understand that consumers of single-origin coffee are thirsty for quality.  That being the case, we roast each coffee just enough to bring out the best of what’s inherent in those particular beans.  For this reason, our single origin coffees are considered a ‘medium roast.’
Behind The Bean

coffee as rich as our culture

Our coffee is born and raised in Bolivia, just like we were. Our unique typography between the Andes Mountains and Amazon rainforest produces a bean that is truly irreplicable.  The higher altitude allows the bean to mature longer, absorb more flavor, and become much, much richer. 
We are as proud of our beans, as we are of our culture.  Bolivia *and our coffee* is truly a hidden gem.  When we share our coffee, we’re sharing the stories, people, and traditions that come along with it. And when you support us, you are supporting our communities.
Explore Bolivia

coffee done differently

We believe our coffee can be a vehicle for social and economic change in not just Bolivia, but the entire coffee industry. There are a lot of shady practices, cut corners, and marketing gimmicks.  Not to mention the poor treatment and payment of the farmers and employees in these third world countries. Fincas Valverde doesn’t follow the standard practices because we want to make a difference, a real difference by being the golden standard for how things should be.
What We're Doing Differently