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Our Story

The Valverde brothers were born and raised in La Paz Bolivia and together we founded Valverde Industries LLC. Nicolas studied at the University of Liverpool in the UK and Diego studied at the University of California San Diego. While Nicolas runs and administers the farms in Bolivia, Diego manages operations in the USA.

Together we have one major thing in common, our love for coffee. Our family run business has been exporting coffee since 2001. We began as coffee producers and exported our beans wholesale to much larger companies. The coffee producing market is very small, and the Valverde name quickly became a commodity that held a special weight in the Specialty Coffee world.

How we've evolved

We have evolved from producing only green coffee to managing the entire supply chain, from Farm to Cup. This control over the entire line is something that only a couple farms in the world can claim. It assures quality in both our product and our means of production.

Bolivia is truly a hidden gem

It’s no question that Bolivia produces one of the finest coffees in the world, but it produces too little to be well-known. We are proud of our coffee and our culture and truly believe Bolivia is a hidden gem. It is one of the most culturally and biodiverse countries in the world. It is also a third world country, with extreme poverty. Which is why our farmers are a major reason why we own the supply chain. They are our people, and we treat them like family. We prevent them from falling victim to predatory business practices and emphasize building up the communities that we work with.

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What We Believe

We believe that coffee is more than just a commodity. It is a driver for change, an opportunity for financial independence for our farmers, and a means to share our culture with you.

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We truly believe that our coffee can be used as a vehicle for social and economic change.